Delta Watercraft has been the Northern California Wavermor Dealer since 2018.  We have sold and installed a lot of PWC and boat ports, and we have uploaded some of our install pictures.  What you cannot see on the pictures is the quality of the WaveArmor product.  There is no comparison to any other PWC or boat port on the market.  All of the design, tooling, and manufacturing of WaveArmor is done in-house at their location in Maple Lake, Minnesota.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Dealer Training and New Product Release this year in October ( 2022 ).

The owner, Rick, and his team are the innovators of every PWC, boat port, and Kayak design.  Most product from other companies is a cheap knock off at best.  I was able to see how they design the product, CNC the molds, and form the plastic.  This is done all on location, no overseas molds, designs, or employees, all of it is USA made and finished product. The innovation that keeps WaveArmor at the front of the business keeps improving.  The new Pro Port has a new front mount, and the option to put a canopy over the port.  The new Pro 8 boat port will have a canopy available, and will also have a self-launching feature that is incredible.  The Pontoon ports that we have been installing will get a revamped load ramp, and 3 different front pieces to be custom sized for different lengths of pontoon boats.  The pontoon port will also have self launching feature for lower powered pontoon boats that cannot pull themselves off the port.  There is also a new Kayak launch/storage and mounting upgrades for the PWC and Boat ports.

New coming soon is the long awaited Sea-Doo Switch port, and a Ski Boat port is also in the design phase.
We will be stocking up on product early in the Spring.  If you have any questions about a PWC or boat port, give us a call or email.
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